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Naturally Seasoned Tonewood for Fine Handmade Instruments

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Musical Forests (Northern Tonewood Company) is a producer and seller of naturally aged tonewoods for musical instrument making. We cater to the handmade musical instrument building sector with our high grade guitar tops, violin tops, backs & sides, necks, drop tops, and other parts for acoustic and solid body instruments. Our specialty is in the preparation of woods for top materials, for any of your musical instrument making needs. We also offer Luthier Books, Plans and Accessories which are listed at the bottom of each product page.

Be you a Master Luthier or a Novice Builder we can provide you with the tonewoods you require for quality musical instrument making. With the increased interest in the Lutherie Trade and new builders entering the trade, we now also offer Tonewood Kits, which are listed at the bottom of each product page. If you are a Novice Builder and you do not know exactly what you will need, please feel free to email us and we will help you select the items you will need to build the musical instrument you desire. We are dedicated to offering our customers worldwide fast, helpful service. For 10 years, we have supplied the world's musical instrument makers and repair shops. Wherever you are, you can expect guaranteed quality, friendly service and fast shipping.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a deep appreciation and respect for the Luthier Trade and those who build handmade instruments. We have seen many instruments that looked and sounded so good that we would consider works of art. A good Luthier is probably one of the most meticulous human being on the planet. And the difference between a factory built instrument and a good handmade instrument is like comparing a VW Beetle to a Rolls Royce, even the most novice player or listener can tell there is a huge difference in feel and sound. The bottom line is, a sloppy Luthier can take master grade tonewoods and build a instrument that sounds like a brick, and a experienced Luthier can take sub-standard tonewoods and build a nice sounding guitar. But, Master Grade materials in the hands of a gifted Luthier can produce a Masterpiece. 

Softwoods: Red Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, and Canadian Cypress.

Hardwoods: Flamed, Quilted, Spalted Maple, Black Walnut, Cherry & Rosewoods etc.

Woods for: Violins, Classical Guitars, Western Guitars, Archtop Guitars, Mandolins, and Electric Guitar/Bass.

Before you proceed to the Tonewood List page. A good place to start is on our About Us page where you will find information about our Company, our Mission Statement and Environmental Policy.

The In the Making page is where you can find information on how our tonewood is prepared and graded. We also offer a Standing Order Service so that you can more efficiently plan your capital use and production schedule.

Home • About Us • In the Making • Tonewood List • Ordering • Lutherie Books • Contact Us • Links • Site Map


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